I'm so excited to announce that Superfit Hero has decided to add me to their Body Positive Fitness Finder. Basically, it's a list of trainers that wont be judgey jerkfaces 😝 I'm into it!



I’m super excited to announce that I will be hosting a fundraiser yoga class May 4th at Corepower in Bethesda MD. All donations will go to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary; the place I work at now. They work solely off donations and they have been so good to me so I wanted to do something to help give back to them. The class will be all levels; beginners are welcome. At the end of class, my friend Rebecca will be providing some super delish raw vegan snacks. You can check her out here. If you need a mat, you will be able to rent one for $2. If you have never been to Corepower before, please arrive 15 minutes early so that you have time to sign the liability waiver. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me on fb, Instagram or email. I can’t wait to see the turn out and raise some money for the animals I love.

Easter Bunny PSA

As springtime quickly approaches, I am reminded of Easter and the growing issue of bunnies given as gifts. The humane society states that rabbits are the third most popular pet, and also the third most abandoned. A lot of people don’t realize that rabbits can live up to 10-12 years. They are active and need plenty of exercise, meaning they really cannot be pent up in a wire cage all day. Because They are often sold as a cheap and easy “beginner” pet, this leads to a lot of misinformed and inexperienced pet owners. They are also considered an "exotic” pet, meaning that vet care can often be fairly expensive. This often leads to them being dumped at shelters. Any animal shelter will tell you that the following 4 to 6 weeks after Easter is when they get the most calls about taking in rabbits. They seem like such a cute and cuddly pet for your child, but when the reality sets in of what it entails to take care of them they get dumped at shelters or even let go outside to fend for themselves. This year for Easter, consider a stuffed animal or chocolate rabbit for your child. If you were already considering a pet rabbit, there are plenty available at your local animal shelter that are currently up for adoption.

Acrylic paint on cardboard

Acrylic paint on cardboard


If you hadn't noticed, I took a pretty long break from posting content to this site. It’s been a wild past few months. I quit my career of 11 years to focus more on yoga and my new dream job;

Last spring, I began volunteering at Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary. I was already growing pretty tired of working in tattoo shops as a professional piercer. My situation at my current shop was growing increasingly more toxic, and then eventually unsafe. Around the fall, Poplar wound up needing to hire a new employee, and was willing to take me on. It was growing increasingly more difficult to go into the tattoo shop for work. I was depressed and anxious. I decided to take the chance, packed everything up and left. From there, my life took a complete 180 in the best way possible. I get to care for animals I adore and help people heal their bodies with yoga. It’s been a lot of new adjustments and chaos, but I can’t believe that I found a place to work like Poplar. I’ve never worked with so many kind, caring and compassionate people. I’m finally starting to feel like myself again and I cant wait to work on this site again. Here’s a few of my favorite photos from the past few months.

Vegan Curl Tutorial

People always ask me about my hair. Everyone wants to know what I use, what I do, or if my curls are natural. I decided to make a quick video about my routine with my hair to answer some questions. Check it out and please let me know what you think.

My First DC Veg Fest

This past Saturday, I got to attend the DC Veg Fest for the first time. This was my first big vegan food festival, and even though it was a little cold and rainy I wasn't going to miss out. Despite the weather, I had a blast! So manyother people still came out too, and the support for the cause was amazing to see.


I did get to watch some of the speakers, one of which was Congressman Jamie Raskin! I was surprised yet amazed that the vegan message is beginning to reach people like him. He informed us in his speech that he beat stage 3 colon cancer with the help of a plant based diet! How amazing is that?

I got to eat loads of yummy vegan food. Unfortunately though, some of the lines were just too long. I hope in the future they can find a faster way of serving people; Some things I just wasn't willing to wait over an hour for. I did get to try some incredible vegan Caribbean food though... I think they are DC based so I'm going to try to figure out where they are located.

I also decided to make a donation to reserve a tote bag full of vegan goodies. I was happy to donate as the money goes towards animal welfare charities. The tote bag I received was stocked full of some products I recognized, and some new ones I was excited to try.  The cinnamon sugar chips in the top right of the photo are a real game changer! They were soooo yummy.


I will definitely be attending again next year, and hopefully I can find other vegan food festivals in the area to attend. Sometimes I feel quite alone with my plant based lifestyle. I don't have many vegan friends and I don't go out very much, so to see so many people together with the same love for animals and the planet was so wonderful.

Vegan Subscription Boxes

If you ever frequent Instagram, I'm sure you're familiar with subscription boxes by now. They have them for almost anything nowadays; I even used to be subscribed to one for my cat! I've been following the Vegan Cuts for a bit now, and finally took the plunge and subscribed to their snack and beauty box. I love getting introduced to new products; especially vegan ones. They both came in the mail yesterday and I'm already super excited about all the goodies I've tried.


This is the beauty box I received. It came with a lip gloss, body lotion, hydrating mist, cleansing lotion and facial serum. After I give everything a try I plan to make a description and review video for my YouTube channel.


The snack box came with way more then I expected! I think I'm really going to enjoy getting new stuff to try each month. The boxes are super affordable as well, especially if you subscribe to 6 months at a time. This makes each box only $20! I love that I can just dig into this box without having to worry about if theres animal products in anything.

True Food Kitchen

Recently one of these places opened up near my house. After hearing several people rave about it(and also hearing that they have vegan options) I decided to give it a try yesterday with my boy friend.

True Food is a restaurant chain focusing on healthier food options. They are seasonal, meaning they use ingredients when they will be the freshest and tastiest. I assume the menu changes with each season to ensure all the produce is at it's ripest, though I've only been once. They claim on their website to focus on foods that do not cause heart disease or inflammation in the body, so I found it a little strange that they even had meat at all. Anyways, I was excited to check out the place.

The restaurant is set up nicely and was very clean. The wait staff were polite and attentive. Upon looking at the menu I noticed their vegan options were more limited then I had been told by friends, but I think most people confuse vegetarian and vegan. This place does have a TON of vegetarian options, many of which I'm sure could be made vegan if requested.

To start, I ordered a Kale Aid juice, which was cool, refreshing and hydrating. I really liked that they added ice to their juices as opposed to a lot of other places who just put it right in a cup for you. When you juice veggies and serve right away sometimes they get a little warm from the juicer and it's nice to have it chilled before drinking.

For an appetizer, we split the Shiitake Lettuce Cups. We were both really impressed with these. The flavor was a really nice mixture of savory and sweet. I would definitely order those again.

For the main course, I ordered the Heirloom Tomato Pizza, and my boy friend ordered the Ancient Grains Bowl. I can honestly say I have nothing bad to say about this pizza. The flavors of all the veggies were bold and their vegan cheese was so on-point. Sometimes restaurants only use Daiya cheese(probably because it's the most well known vegan cheese) which really doesn't have the best flavor in my opinion. The crust was the perfect texture and aside from a slice I let my bf have, I ate the whole thing. I would also order this again in a heartbeat. The ancient grains bowl was very impressive as well. The sweet potatoes in it had a really yummy glaze on them, and the mushrooms were meaty and satisfying. I could definitely tell they care about picking their veggies at the peak of ripeness.

We were pretty full because the portions were a really decent size, but then they told us they have vegan desserts! We ordered the Key Lime Pie and the Chia Pudding topped with toasted coconut. The flavor of the key lime pie was really good; they nailed that part. The texture was a little bit off from how I remember key lime pie, but the flavor really makes up for it. I enjoyed it a lot! The chia pudding was great too! I loved the flavor of it, especially with the toasted coconut on top. I also ordered an espresso with dessert which was very nice. I assume from their espresso that their other coffee drinks are probably really good.

Overall I really enjoyed True Food. I would definitely go back. Even though they don't have tons of vegan options, the ones they do have, they make extremely well. Sometimes, restaurants with a vegan option just wind up disappointing you since it's not what they are used to making. This place nails it though. I'd love to go try the other vegan things they have. Also, I noticed their website has a brunch menu, so I'd love to go back on a weekend in the morning and see what kind of things they have then. I would definitely recommend this place, vegan or not.

Easy Face Mask

Fullers Earth Powder is an inexpensive and super effective ingredient you can use to make your own clay face masks. You can use it alone with filtered water, or add other things like turmeric, spiraling, activated charcoal, calendula extract or apple cider vinegar. It works great to dry up any zits and/or excess oil.

New Video!

New video is done and posted to YouTube. In this one I share my favorite vegan and cruelty free makeup brands and the products I love the most from them.

I also stopped by the farmers market down the street from my house today. I found a vegan BBQ sauce that I'm really excited to use for cauliflower bites or sloppy joes. Maybe both! The name is a little off putting but oh well. I have a feeling it's going to taste really good.

New Logo

I'm super excited to show you all my new logo. A tattoo artist I have gotten work from came to my mind as soon as I realized what I wanted for a logo. I always love the way she draws animals, and I was so happy she agreed to help me with this project. It honestly came out better then I was expecting. I can't wait till stickers arrive.

Summer Vegan Festival!

Yesterday, I got to attend my first vegan festival/event. It was hosted by Roots Market, and was super fun! Roots has been one of my favorite places to go grocery shopping lately. They have so many options and brands to choose from when it comes to packaged vegan food stuffs. The weather was perfect and there were loads of cool booths to check out. They also had loads of awesome sales. I ate way too much and stocked up on all of my favorite goodies. I have lots of ideas for recipes to post on here and I'm super excited to get to cooking. I don't think I've ever been around so many vegans at once!

In September there's the DC Veg Fest and I plan on attending that event as well. Hopefully my website and everything will be a little more complete by then. I've been working so hard on it trying to make everything look just right.